Who Is SHE?

Since 2014, the SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar Honoree has been an honor that celebrates ladies in and around the Houston community with a meaningful & life-long award for how they lead, serve others & serve them well to highlight their stories, their journey’s and the IMPACT they make in the lives of Houstonians on a daily basis that generates business, hope and opportunities.   The commitment of the SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT’s Team is, as our Honorees continue to SHINE, we will continue to share their SHINE for years to come!  WHY? “it’s your time to SHINE!” & #TOGETHERWeAreSTRONG

A Year of SUPERLady SHINE that begins with a Night of SHINE, November 2, 2017 for the ladies of Houston & surrounding areas who lead, serve others and serve them well!  Who Is SHE?

To be recognize for this unique & SHINING honor, the spirit of this honoree is embodied in the people she serves.  She’s a leader at home, in her community, as an executive, a teambuilder, an entrepreneur, outreach advocate, a public servant, a small business owner, a star educator, a leader in faith-based initiatives or a volunteer that changes lives by exposing resources and other opportunities for years to come.

This award is a life-time fluid honor that continues to SHINE as along as she SHINES.

Who is she?  Nominate her TODAY, your colleague, mentor, mother or wife whose commitment, achievements, programs and outcomes are realized in the people she serves!

2018 SUPERLady HOU Cal Nominee


Please complete the form below with your 2018 SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar nomination and share why she’s a SUPERLady of choice!  May 30th-Aug 31st

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