Who Is SHE?


Who is a SUPERLady? A female from birth, who by nature found herself leadingserving and serving others well.  As a woman, her maturation, development and champion style moves people, teams, communities, industries that creates change, innovation, opportunities and hope. Her SHINE is natural and is contagious.  Others want to be more, do more and SHINE too.  Hence, the lady is an example of class, who when in her presence, you feel a sense of I can, as long as we can do it together.  Men, other women, boys and girls benefit from her SHINE because this SHINE embraces businesses, communities, faith-bases initiatives, teams, philanthropic, family along with mentoring groups.

Honoree … To be recognize for this unique & SHINING honor, the spirit of this honoree is embodied in the people she serves.  She’s a leader at home, in business, education, non-profit d faith-based initiatives that changes lives by providing resources, mentorship and other opportunities for years to come.

Who is she?  Nominate her TODAY, your colleague, mentor, mother or wife whose commitment, achievements, programs and outcomes are realized in the people she serves!

Please complete the form below with your 2019 SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar nomination and share why she’s a SUPERLady of choice!  

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