Is NOT having a plan costing you $$$$ & relationships? 


Is NOT  having a plan costing you $$$$ & relationships?

As I was leaving the MPAC Media Workshop on Saturday, February 18, hurrying to get to our sons basketball games and my husbands game, yes, it’s a basketball world over here, a young lady stopped me as I was pulling out of my parking space. She graciously said, I don’t mean to bother you but I followed you and needed to tell you, Thank you! I said, please give me a second so I can re-park. So I did. I got out of the car and she proceeded to share how thankful she was that I was prepared. Not really sure what she was referring to, she further explained, I’m constantly getting on myself about being not being ready in business and going for it. You did that. I smiled and said thank you and shared with her that my ask came from a place of sacrifice. You have no idea what it took for me to get here today and to be in the mindset to speak-up when it’s time. It’s a practice I live by and pour into my clients. We exchanged a hug, numbers and she repeatedly said, please call me. Thank you Lori for being a gentle yet HUGE reminder, that preparation is still key!

So what happened? During the expert panel conversation between D’Artagnan Bebel, vice president & general manager of Fox 26 NewsMelanie Lawson, award-winning news anchor of Channel 13 and Dwight T. Williams, division manager HTV Houston Television , giving real-time answers/solutions to building relationships with the media, to pitching a story, building your track-record before you expect and staying the course with the right motives and attitude, I stepped up to bat!!! Moderator, Darian Ward , press secretary of Houston’s Mayor – Sylvester Turner asked again, “are there any questions?” I sat there thinking and continued to take notes, something I LOVE to do. One question after the next and then I did it. I raised my hand. At that point, I had to say something. What would it be? How would I say it? What angle would I bring? Slow down Loretta. You know you talk fast. Is this relevant? I have to go! I’m not sure. Is this my lane? I’m education. It’s a lot of people in here! But then the moment came … Darian handed me the mic and it was my turn to speak right after D’Artagnan candidly shared with an attendee, it’s pretty much up to you to make your way. Social media is a great vehicle but you have to build your following and then he proceeded to share the story of a girl, years ago, taking her phone and applying make-up. Now today, she’s internationally known and has several endorsements, lines, etc. with the media following her! In other words, build your legacy and they will come.

So here we are … My question centered around the work of engaging girls early in STEM professions to increase the number of girls pursuing these careers while building leaderships skills as future global STEM thinkers, leaders and game changers. I shared about our partnership with San Jacinto College and them hosting a STEM Day for our girls along with our upcoming “Leading Ladies in STEM Panel Discussion” – February 25, 2017 at the African American Library at the Gregory School, Houston, TX. All I remember is asking, “is this concept to soft and does it not have enough conflict because “news” generates conflict?” The next words I heard caused the room to clap! You had to be there! D’Artagnan Bebel said loudly in the mic, “I want that story!”. Can you imagine how I felt? I really had to collect myself. I paused, thanked God and then said, “Thank you Mr. Bebel”. But wait, it didn’t stop there. Dwight said, “I want that story too!” The attendees around me all said, “wow!” It sounded like like a harmonious choir giving thanks. I paused again and this time, I really couldn’t believe it and said, “thank you Mr. Williams.”

So what happened next? I watched a great big smile on Melanie’s face. It felt like a big sister giving her little sister a hug. Then I saw D’Artagnan jump quickly down from the stage and ran to hand me his business card and repeated to me, “I want that story!” and then Dwight followed him and said the same handing me his business card. It took everything within me not to let my feet dance around that room. Yes, I really wanted to dance because that’s what I do!

Now, what do you do?  Do you bask in the moment? Smile in humility? Get up and leave because you have two basketball games to get to? What do you do? I quickly texted my husband and gave him the 411. Because I’m their number 1 and live in the gym with them, it wasn’t an issue. NOTE: Ladies, it’s a blessing to have a husband who supports your dreams but make sure, you support his dreams too so when ops come up like this, he will cheer with you and NOT make you feel guilty!  His response, “Way to go Babe. Awesome Babe.”

The work of SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation is bigger than me and anybody who knows me, knows that! I’ve taken my time to develop a Leadership Board of Directors who are in it to truly fulfill our mission. And thanks to Karen Becerra’s advice, I’m building my IMPACT Circle, a team of individuals who are influential, forward thinkers, philanthropist and doers to help me carryout the work!

Trust the process and do the work.

Saturday’s turn of events did not happen because I decided to buy a ticket to support MPAC and sit in the room to get needed information to help build our media relationships. Saturday’s turn of events started in 2015 when I made the conscious decision and sacrifice that I would take what mothers were sharing with me about their desire to have their daughters exposed to quality programming where they would be & feel safe, learn and be exposed to career options and be able to express themselves and talk about who they are freely. It’s definitely bigger than me.

I’ve done my due diligence in the follow-up which is critical in securing any opportunity. I also got up again with a heart of thanks moving forward to complete the work I’ve been assigned. See this is how I see it, you be faithful over little and God will make you ruler over much and obedience is better than sacrifice. Work the plan and have a plan to work. Never attend a “networking” session, workshop, conference, etc. without having a goal in mind. Your time is valuable and so is the preparation it takes to make every moment count!

It’s a great day for SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation! Thank you Lori for being my MOTIVATION this week!

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WriterLoretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed.


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