Loretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed.

President & Chief Mentor: Loretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed.

Keynote Speaker, Business Trainer, Education Consultant & Soulful Vocalist

Sought after by conferences, companies, schools and growing entrepreneurs such as Governor Gregg Abbott’s Small Business Forum, The University of Houston Clear Lake’s Student Leadership Conference, The Texas One Woman Business Conference, Texas GAG and Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc.,  companies like these and other events and organizations hire Loretta Williams Gurnell when they want their teams to execute on a daily basis using practical yet impactful tools of everyday life.

training-pic As Loretta would share, “it’s my non-negotiables, that keep me grounded and moving forward in my assignment which are 1) my faith, 2) my family and 3) my freedom.”  Affectionately known as ‘the voice of inspiration’ and admired as #SUPERLady, Loretta leads with her heart and soul drumming to her own beat of life.

Wise beyond her time, Loretta LOVES being in the company of older ladies who’ve seen, felt, shared, experienced and lived life on all levels.  It’s a Titus 2 thing!  Loretta’s “I D.A.R.E. you to!” training is contagious because she’s a testament of when you D.A.R.E., you begin to live and not simply exist.

Looking for a transformer that’s been transformed? Hire Loretta!  Never underestimate the power of “TOGETHER We Are Strong“.   It’s more than a theme.  It’s a lifestyle.  superlady-fun-pic

As a wife, to her college love and mother of their GROWING academically sound/athletic sons, imagine being in their home at dinner time.  Oh wow … It’s fun.  It’s exciting.  It’s NEVER a dull moment and that’s why her “Parent Connection” workshop is essential to how she manages effectively her love, family and their schedules.  Every household is different yet there are essential tools that are similar and necessary for producing fruit on a daily basis.  Is it easy all the time? NO!  But is worth it everyday?  YES!

So now when you look at the organization of SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT, our mission and core values, it’s evident that it’s a reflection of Loretta’s heart and soul.  The Essential Tools BIZ Conference is a unique approach to BUILD you to GROW your business to increase PROFITS.  Entrepreneurs, small business owners & those seeking to start a business have for the past 3 years gained practical tools to owning & living out their HEALTH, LOOK, FAITH, FINANCES, PRESENTATION & RELATIONSHIPS on a quarterly basis.   Mark your calendars for March 4, 2017!

So don’t be surprised when you see Loretta traveling singing her theme song: SUPERLady the anthem of the SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT.  It’s definitely a great conference opener or Women’s Celebration song.  Just know on that day, instead of speaking or training, Loretta’s doing the same just to a wonderful melody with crazy vocals.

       President & Chief Mentor

Loretta Williams Gurnell ... MasterMind


Loretta describes herself as an introspective, introvert that’s a “good” piece of work, designed for greatness that takes some detours sometimes but loves the road of exploration and a great laugh and sometimes at herself.  Loretta’s learned that “living” and not simply “existing” is a gift and one that she promised her mother before she passed away.

You’ll find Loretta teaching others how to create their world to increase quality time and profits with their words through songs of inspiration, getting clear on who they are and what they want, prayer and quiet time.  She loves to write and can be seen in her kitchen cooking a “mean” dinner for her family or supervising homework time and is the best cheerleader for basketball or soccer games, language or robotics competitions or jumping rope for her health.

When she’s before a crowd or a client, she’s captivated by the energy that flows through her to be precise and specific but when not, she enjoys complete silence in a space under a tree reading books on faith, leadership, effectiveness and business development or on a walk in the open land near clear water.

She is Loretta Williams Gurnell!