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Mission: to engage and empower 100,000 women to become SHINING. Legacy. Makers.

Vision: by mastering relationships, building strong businesses, collaborations, family, community through events, contracts, partnerships that illuminates their living legacies to create and sustain generational wealth.

Who is a SUPERLady? A female from birth, who by nature found herself leading, serving and serving others well.  As a woman, her maturation, development and champion style moves people, teams, communities, industries that creates change, innovation, opportunities and hope. Her SHINE is natural and is contagious.  Others want to be more, do more and SHINE too.  Hence, the lady is an example of class, who when in her presence, you feel a sense of I can, as long as we can do it together.  Men, other women, boys and girls benefit from her SHINE because this SHINE embraces businesses, communities, faith-bases initiatives, teams, philanthropic, family along with mentoring groups.

Our Team Approach: Lead by the creative, talented and innovative business leader, Loretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed, – Managing Partner & CEO shares, “if I would not have listened to my husband who told me to go in our bedroom and write that song, “SUPERLady”, at a time where life wasn’t feeling, looking and being SUPER, I would have missed an entire MOVEMENT!  That was our #GameChanger. This lead to traveling the county igniting many women fellowships that included line-dancing, education training, empowerment lunches, business development workshops and now, a Pink Carpet Affair, A Night of SHINE – The SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar Soirée celebrating ladies throughout the Houston & surrounding areas for how they lead, serve and serves others well with their legacy SHINING through our Signature Calendar, The SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar!

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superlady-fun-pic Essential Tools 4 life!

Our quarterly “Essential Tools” business training sessions: putting tools in place to BUILD you, GROW your business to increase PROFITS, were essentially  one of our best weapons to equip you for success!

SuperLady HEALTH

Essential Tool, SUPERLady HEALTH is for your body & mind!


Our SuperMen always share good "tools" on relationships!

Our SUPERMen always share good “tools” on relationships!

Now today after 3 successful years, Loretta shares personal and business strategies through interpersonal day sessions entitled, Essential Tools 4 life!  A Day of Empowerment, SHINE & Accountability using her BuildGrowProfit Process.

In addition, we offer monthly empowerment calls, SUPERLady LIVE TALK: Ask the Expert Series, with ladies just like you leading, serving and prioritizing all that comes with being a woman on topics to boost or unleash your career, personal aspirations and business opportunities by “REAL Conversation with REAL Solutions”.

4 - May 9, 2017 SUPERLady Level UP - Dannette Kay Davis

To top it all off,  each November we celebrate & honor ladies in a Night of SHINE for leading, serving & serving others well!  Hence, SUPERLady HOUSTON Calendar Soirée.


With these and more, there’s no doubt in our minds that’s now is the time for you to get connected and stay connected, WHY? “it’s your time to shine”.


All that we do is an EXPERIENCE!